Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility

Our goal…

A group of individuals representing equality, diversity, and inclusion

Generate aspires to be inclusive to all who require our services; we welcome individuals from all backgrounds and of all abilities and aim to reflect this diversity within our staff and volunteer group.

Our community, consisting of staff, volunteers, and members is made up of individuals with a range of differing needs and abilities, and are keen to ensure we are equally accessible to all prospective members. We encourage prospective members to discus any accessibility or support needs they may have to be able to access our services.

In particular we recognise that mental health can be a barrier for many people, and is something that for many members of the trans community, can impact on the ability to attend groups or new places.

Our staff are trained therapists and therapeutic support is one of our key aims. We are flexible and adaptable in terms of one-to-one sessions, and can assist members in accessing our other support services, including on-line and in person groups.

We are also mindful of the range of needs of the neurodiverse members of our communities. Our staff have been trained in neurodiversity awareness and support, and Mental Health First Aid. We aspire for all of our volunteers to be trained in both over the coming months.

We have links with organisations with whom we regularly meet; to ensure we are up to date on our own training needs in terms of equality, diversity, disability and mental health; and to ensure we are aware of the range of other services that are available, should our members require additional support.

Equality and diversity training

Generate also delivers diversity and inclusion training with a specific focus on Gender Identity. Our trainer is a trained teacher with experience in all sectors of the education system from primary to adult. For more information on what is available in our bespoke training packages see our training page or contact us.

Web accessibility

As part of our commitment to accessibility we are committed to providing a fully accessible website experience for all users of all abilities, including those whom rely on assistive technologies like screen readers, screen enlargement software, and alternative keyboard input devices to navigate the web. For more information, please see our full web accessibility statement.