Generate Plus – Support for parents, friends and families

Generate Plus is our support group for friends and families of those exploring their gender identity.

Support for parents of transgender, non-binary or gender questioning children

Three people at Generate Plus the group providing support for friends and families.

Parents and other relatives often worry about

  • What they should do or say to support the child.
  • What this may mean for their child and their support networks in the future.
  • Whether they should seek professional support for their child, and if so how.
  • If their child is just experiencing a typical childhood “phase” which may not persist and if this is something their child has learnt from being influenced by social media or friendship groups.
  • Whether children can understand their own gender identity until they are older.
  • How to support a grown up  “child” and how to understand what they are experiencing, when they are not in regular direct contact.

It is estimated that 1% of children and adults will be gender variant to a significant degree and want to do something about it. Psychological evidence shows that children understand their gender identity at 3 years old, be they cisgender or gender diverse.

Evidence shows that when gender variant children, teens and adults are believed, listened to, and supported, they are more likely to have more positive mental health outcomes.

“At Generate Plus meetings I have got so many worries off my chest and been given lots of supportive tips from other parents. It’s great to find that your journey is so similar to others, and you’re not navigating this alone. Generate Plus has supported me to help my child navigate school bullying and managing my child’s emotions. I don’t know what we would have done without them.”

L, mum of J, Doncaster

Support for people with transgender, non-binary or gender questioning partners

Partners and friends of members often worry about:

  • How their partners’ transition may affect your relationship.
  • That they may “lose” the person they first met and fell in love with.
  • That they may no longer be attracted to their partner post transition or feel they are able to have a friend who is another gender.
  • How to assist their partner / friend to negotiate the multiple difficulties that this may cause for their trans partner in life, work, health?
  • How they can support their trans partner in coming out to other  family members and specifically their children.
  • What other support they can access going forward to ensure they and their partner can manage any issues they may encounter.

At Generate Plus  we are a safe space where family members can discuss their worries and fears  with others who  share similar experiences. This includes coping strategies, other psychological, social, employment and or medical support, name change, documentation issues, legalities, and ultimately make like minded friends and a find a  social support network where all members have shared experiences.

“This group has been invaluable, I’ve learned so much and the other members have put many of my fears to rest. Its made all the difference to how I can support my partner, and kept our relationship together.“

M, York, partner of P.

We run two monthly support groups for parents of those who identify as transgender, non-binary or are gender questioning (parents of children or adults):

  • Third Sunday of the month (3pm-5pm), face-to-face in Leeds (childcare provided).
  • Last Wednesday of the month (7pm – 9pm).

One-to-one support

We provide one to one support for parents, partners and other loved ones of trans, non-binary and gender questioning individuals of any age. This incudes advocacy, mentoring and counselling with our BACP registered qualified counsellor.

Our counselling service is free to those who are unwaged, and donations for those with an income can be discussed on enquiry. Depending on income and circumstances suggested donations are between £5 and £50.

To discuss counselling please contact us.


Advocacy can consist of writing letters of support, support with attending or making appointments  for individuals, referral to other services, accompanying them to events etc.

Therapeutic Support

We provide counselling and therapeutic support, provided by our qualified and experienced staff who have several years of lived experience and work within the transgender community. Our therapists are qualified and registered with relevant therapeutic bodies.

In-line with our equality, diversity and accessibility policy we are flexible in terms of location and can work online or in person. We can adapt and adjust to and requirements for accessibility in discussion with you. Our therapists have additional training in Autism awareness and mental health first aid.