Who are Generate?

Generate was founded in 2011 to help support trans and non-binary people in York and surrounding areas. Since then we have become a registered charity (№ 1197920), grown, expanded our services and reach supporting people and organisations throughout the UK.

Generate’s Vision…

We envision a society where transgender, non-binary and gender diverse people thrive as part of accepting and supportive communities.


Our mission is to connect and empower transgender, non-binary and gender diverse people, improving their mental health and wellbeing, self-confidence and resilience.


New style cog wheel icon with two hands shaking to represent collaboration

Collaboration – We are more than a charity, we are a community and our approachability and inclusiveness ensure that everyone affected by our work is involved in shaping it.

New style cog wheel icon with six stylised bodies sat around a globe representing diversity.

Diversity – We value each of our unique experiences and how they shape us. We learn from all to build for the community.

New style cog wheel icon with a person holding a shield representing integrity.

Integrity – Acting with strong ethics is a priority for everyone representing Generate. We are honest, inclusive and committed to supporting the community we serve.

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Respect – All of our actions in everything we do demonstrate our mutual respect, proactivity and the way we make a difference.

If our vision, mission, and values resonate with you, please see our volunteering opportunities or contact us to find out how you can get involved and help make this a reality.