Transgender Awareness Training

Transgender awareness training for schools, business and other organisations

Illustration of online training to represent transgender awareness training.

Do you have transgender or non-binary, employees, clients, pupils, or patients?

Do you feel you should understand them better?

Do you want to ensure you are fulfilling the requirements of the Equality Act?

Are you keen to ensure future clients, staff or pupils who may be transgender, non-binary or gender questioning are catered for and made to feel comfortable in your organisation?

Do you see or hear transphobic comments in your workplace?

Generate delivers training in Diversity and Inclusion with a specific focus on Gender Identity. Our trainer is a trained teacher with experience in all sectors of the education system from primary to adult. Dependent on the needs of your audience we are keen to provide bespoke training packages to meet the needs of your organisation. We can provide additional co-facilitators to provide a more interactive session.

We are very excited to have a brand-new package of training, just available, with a variety of options. On enquiry we will discuss the needs and your learners and organisation and plan in accordance with this including varying balance of subjects and style of delivery. Our trainer will contact you on request to ensure our package meets your needs.

Diversity and inclusion training packages

Our packages are flexible, based on the options below:

Option 1:

A 1½ hour interactive presentation including topics such as – defining gender / transgender; use of appropriate terminology; legal aspects, such as inclusion and trans rights in the workplace; trans friendly customer service; suggestions for a transgender policy; and a bank of online resources for on-going referencing.

Option 2:

A 3-hour (morning or afternoon) package involving the 1½ hour interactive training session as above; followed by an hour+ workshop which can be based upon the above topics, or a practical aspect of such, e.g. policy writing, or any organisation changes you may wish to consider from what you have learned.

Option 3:

A full day session, including the above interactive presentation on transgender awareness, and in addition, 3 x 1-hour workshops. (workshops can be tailored to the needs of your organisation – we can include discussion around scenarios you may encounter with staff or customers; and / or how to ensure you are meeting their needs; or case studies and their stories, understanding transgender ; or focus in detail on any of the above topics which you feel are pertinent to your organisation- such as policy writing.)

The above sessions are intended to be face-to-face if workshops are included. If remote training is preferred, option 1 only is appropriate, at a reduced cost. This will then include only the one qualified trainer.

Please contact us to discuss your training needs and our prices.